Your house on auto pilot

Easy, convenient control of the entertainment systems in your home from a simple device - isn’t that the key to truly enjoying your electronics investment?  Let KCAD design a system that integrates your audio and video components and gives you complete control from your computer, tablet, smartphone or a simple-to-use remote.  You can start a movie for the kids in the den, then stream music to your backyard dinner party, all from one simple device in seconds.

img_home-automationElectronic control isn’t limited to entertainment. KCAD can integrate lighting, climate control, video monitoring systems and more, truly putting your house on auto pilot. You don’t even have to be home.  Imagine having the lights come on as you enter your house from a night out, or turning the thermostat down from your smartphone after you’ve already left for vacation.  It’s that easy.


We can automate & integrate: 

  • Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
  • Climate Control
  • Video Monitoring & Surveillance Systems
  • Indoor & Outdoor Music, TVs and Home Theater
  • Shades
  • Gates . . . and MORE!