Featured on @BuyLocalNJ

THANK YOU to Buy Local NJ with the talented Chris and Andrew Wang for taking   an interest in our local audio, video, surveillance and home automation business, which is my long-time passion. Please take a few minutes to tune in to this fun video!https://youtu.be/oMlk5DO-aTg [Read More]

We Mean Business!

We LOVE working with businesses in our area on all their varied high-performance Audio / TV & Video / Intercom / Lighting / Automation / Camera & Surveillance needs (and more!).  If you’re in business, at a club, church, on a board and think we can help, please let us know.  Consultations are complimentary.   Please take a look at the [Read More]

Speakers that are heard, but not seen . . .

Outdoor speakers are one of our specialties and rock speakers remain our most popular option. Individuals are rarely fooled into thinking a rock speaker is a rock, but perhaps these rock speakers are not to be seen at all. Our Tip: Achieve a real “resort” environment with landscape speakers under shrubs, low plantings or other out-of-site locations to give your [Read More]